A SOLUTION to Capturing Radioactive Heavy Metals

A SOLUTION to Capturing Radioactive Heavy Metals

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Nuclear Innovations Keep Evolving

We’re Developing a Solution

Nuclear power plants now provide nearly 10% of the world’s power, and after devastating accidents like the one at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, it’s clear we urgently need a new treatment solution.
Currently, IVs are the best way to treat individuals exposed to high levels of radiation. In the case of a large nuclear incident, IV administration is not a viable option for treating groups exposed to radiation.
That’s why Captura is developing C2E2, an oral solution that can immediately be administered to eliminate harmful radioactive material from staying in the body.

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the Problem

And Solving the Problem

Step 2: Eliminating

Trapping and eliminating these particles before they travel into critical organs protects exposed individuals from the life-threatening damage mass amounts of radiation can cause.

With an Accessible, Life-Saving Solution

Administered Orally

C2E2 is designed to be taken orally. This provides an accessible treatment option to eliminate radionuclides and harmful heavy metals from the body.

Readily Available

Treatment that’s readily available means clearing the body of toxic materials faster. We’re developing a quick response that will keep more people safe from the hazardous long-term health effects of radiation.

The Solution

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